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Mind is the forerunner of all evil condition,

Mind is their chief, and they are mind-made

If, with an Impure mind, One speak or acts then suffering follow one.

Even if the cart wheel follow the hoof of the ox

Mind is the forerunner of all good  condition,

Mind  is their chief and they are mind-made

If with pure mind one speak or act then happening follow

one like a never departing shadow.



These are the  words spoken by buddha over 2500 years ago. Buddhism is least understood by the people of all other religion. Buddhism is the state of mind and our control over it. The basis of other religion is God, Buddhism is  based on the ‘Mind’. From the buddha’s viewpoint, the mind or consciousness is the core  of our existence. Buddhism does not  deny the reality of material coexistence, and doesn’t not ignore the very great effect of physical world has upon us. On the contrary it refuses the mind body dichotomy. The main reason of any problem is the dukkha.  It is the pali word which means sorrow and these occurs  due to greed, lust, hatred and delusion. Dhamma describes the noble truth of eighfold path includes moral teaching, self discipline development of wisdom, and  understanding and improvement of  our environment. If the cause of any suffering is primarily is psychological then it cures with also psychologically. Buddhism may be found to mental exercise.Meditation is necessary in life. Reading about  meditation is just like reading about the swimming. one can not enjoy the  swimming without jumping into the water. Don’t you think as it is same with Meditation?

As a Fresher

Hey, Hi do you find me new here. Oh! No I am not a alien. Just Human as you. I usually write answers on on quora. No i am not any Teacher, philosopher, freelancer not even I can dance. I am belongs from engineering background. Someone told me why are restricting yourself? Express you thoughts thoroughly without putting yoirselfbin limit. So i am going to integrate myself. Please forgive me if i will make mistakes in grammar or even unable to put my thoughts as Nubile. But dont scribble it. Thanks to my friend and colleagues who always support me, specially thanks to my Mom and Dad.

I will like end this post with an beuatiful quotes

The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or even touched, they must be felt with hearts. 💗